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Jonathan in Oakland Acres, IA *****
Kevin was FANTASTIC!! Locked passport in a safe, needing to fill out in country paperwork within 8 hours for a trip planned for 6 months. Came off hours within 3 hours of my call and took all of 30 minutes to get the safe open. FANTASTIC service, I will use again, and will recommend to friends. THANK YOU!!!
Patti in Grinnell, IA *****
Tremendous service with Hawkeye Lock unlocking my running car with key fob in my locked car. Within 5 minutes my car was unlocked!!! Thanks for his care and knowledge I was able to make my out of town appt. GREAT SERVICE AND CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!
Thank You!!!
Patti Collins
Laura in Grinnell, IA *****
We have always been super pleased with KEVIN and his crew's work. They have fixed several doors, doorknobs, and locks for us over the years, and always do an excellent job in an amazingly short period of time. They even bring their own hand vacuum & clean up any mess made while securing our home and business! Now, that's service. Always with a smile, too.
Mike in Pella, IA *****
Kevin made an edge milled key for my Lincoln MKZ, he had no code, pulled lock cylinder and fabricated the key, great job, great customer service!!!
Kassi in Pella, IA *****
Would highly recommend, very fast, friendly service at very reasonable price.
Scott in Grinnell, IA *****
Excellent Service! thank you so much!
James B in Grinnell, IA *****
My highest recommendation! Amazing people absolutely top-notch.
SDM in Montezuma, IA *****
Highly recommend! Kevin showed up as promised and did excellent work at a fair price.
Jamie in Montezuma, IA *****
On black Friday I locked my phone and my keys in my car at Casey's in grinnll, The woman working called Rick's Towing. He came and unlocked my car and then I told him I had no money that the manager called. He proceeded to push me out of the way, locked my car called me a liar and left. I was out of cash and the manager at Casey's was going to pay it for me and I was going to repay her. She called Hawkeye lock he showed up in no time flat and was super nice. I recommend to everyone I know to call hawkeye lockk.
Kevin is always helpful & gets the job done quick!
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